Vehicle and boat options…

We offer the ability to ship cars, trucks, RVs, Boats, and other rolling stock via roll-on-roll-off vessels (RORO).  Not only is RORO sometimes the only option due to size, it is often a more cost effective solution when shipping individual vehicles and boats.

Key things to remember when shipping via RORO:

  • No personal belongings or loose articles are permitted inside the vehicle or trunk.
  • All vehicles must be in running condition, with working steering, brakes, and free from leaks.

Utilizing our warehouse partners, we specialize in exporting vehicles and boats inside containers to North Europe, Scan Baltic, Med, and the Middle East. We can provide you a warehouse facility to load your vehicles and complete the customs clearance paperwork necessary to export.

Our partners are warehouse owners or licensed forwarders with their own warehouse space. This allows your freight to be loaded by a selected team helping to insure the safety of your vehicle(s), along with the swift and efficient paperwork processing.