OTIs …

Wouldn’t you rather be spending more time taking care of your customers instead of dealing with the headaches from the steamship lines?

Utilizing our direct contracts with steamship lines we can offer competitive wholesale rates and quality service to licensed OTIs who want to help give their customers the competitive advantage of shopping rates from multiple carriers. Our goal is to build trust and form a long term relationship with our partners. Your clients are YOURS, not ours. We take every precaution to ensure we do not back sell. When you ship with us, your customers information will not show on the ocean bill with the carrier, meaning the steamship line will not know who the shipper is to be able to go direct to them offering service.

Family Owned and Operated

Being family owned and operated, we understand that just because you don’t have 1,000 employees and 45 offices, doesn’t mean you can’t provide the same service level. In fact, in many cases, being a smaller company means you can provide a better service. Whether that means you become specialized in a niche market, or are just passionate about helping your customers, keeping your customers happy is your livelihood. Our goal is to develop long lasting relationships so we can help you continue to help your customers.